“If you’re wearing suits and you want to create your own sense of style, get to the tailor”
-Matt Bomer


This story dates back to mid-2015, when I just started my graduation!


It is my college uniform and I have to look smarter than others.

As I have completed my higher studies, its time to move towards graduation level, so I took admission at an Engineering college, some 10-11 km from my home. My college who is so called ‘strict’ in rules asked its 1st yr students to wear college uniform (which every student is afraid of).So i brought up some clothes to stitch. And now the question was- from which tailor? The whole scenario goes from here—

I am not too old in my hometown it’s been two years since I have been shifted here and completed my higher studies. My maternal uncle who is my best friend suggested me that there is a very old tailor shop in the market; they have been there for past sixty years and their work is very edge cutting.

Listening to this I went there with my Dad. As told by my best friend the shop is very old and the entire building has been constructed by the timber. Even the chairs they were using are from late 90’s, old fashioned. Soon we entered the shop we were greeted with Namaste’ (Indian method of greeting) by an old man about seventy-five to eighty years old wearing simple pant-shirt and measuring tape around his shoulders, asked us what he can do for us.

Dad told him we want to stitch a college uniform. After that he started all his measuring procedure, in-between asked me where I live, about my college, etc…Etc. The way he is taking my size clearly showed us about his lifetime standard experience in tailoring. While taking measurements he told us that, once his father told him ‘it is the job of a tailor to give us the Homo sapiens a perfect look from which other can judge us about our income, attitude, class’.


It took six days to get my complete uniform. And really the fitting of the uniform was perfect. Hats off to that old man The Tailor’ for his great work.

And yes, in my college everyone praised me over my uniform (even my teachers also)!

Thanks to all the Tailor without them we are just naked body!!


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